About Us


Tiffany prides herself in helping her clients determine if there are any issues with the home they are considering purchasing.   Servicing the State of Maine since 2001. 

Inspect All Maine offers sellers and buyers tailored inspections to meet their individual needs.  Full Residential and Commercial Inspections.  Tiffany is Certified by the State of Maine in Building, Ventilation and Energy Code also Radon Air and Water Testing.  The roof to road inspections evaluate structural and environmental issues. We include pest, mold, lead and asbestos.


Tiffany Wilber has been in the building inspection industry for over 15 years.  She has a solid background in building codes and environmental issues. 

State of Maine Certified Building Inspector

Environmental Specialist

Mold Inspector

State Certified Radon Tester

Certified Indoor Env Consultant



Consultant Terry Curtis

​BS Chemical Engineering

MS Environmental Engineering
Certified Radon Mitigator/Tester
ACAC Environmental Consultant
Mold Inspector
Certified Methamphetamine Hygienist